MICROWOOL TYPICAL PROPERTIES AND MORPHOLOGY DESCRIPTION Fibertec mineral wool fibers are inorganic synthetic fibers that have been specifically milled and processed to controlled lengths and with predictable diameters and aspect ratios. These mineral fibers are generated from complex mineral silicates having as primary components silicates of calcium, magnesium and aluminum. Fibertec mineral fibers can be surface treated to enhance performance in selected resin systems. Further, because these fibers are additionally characterized by very low loose and tapped bulk densities, they are desirable for low-density reinforced thermoset and thermoplastic systems. PRIMARY USE Fibertec mineral wool fibers are used as reinforcing fillers providing improvements in flexural modulus, elongation, tensile strength, and processing in plastic resin systems. Additionally these fibers can be functional components in adhesives and sealants, resin-based gasketing systems, and transportation friction components. A reported significant advantage is lower equipment wear versus other functional fillers. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION
Our slag fiber (mineral wool) is a synthetic vitreous fiber (SVF) used as a functional component in transportation friction materials as an asbestos replacement. Mineral wool is also used in gaskets, adhesives and sealants. It can also be used as a reinforcements in plastic resin systems. Mineral wool fibers have an average diameter of 6 microns and range in length from 125 to 200 microns. They can be surface treated to improve performance.             Call Us: 508.697.5100 MICROWOOL PRODUCT DATA OVERVIEW Sheet   Code Spec Technical/Sales Support: contact Jeff Aten for application bulletins, samples, or technical assistance. ISO9001:2008 Certified    Since 1986 © Copyright 2015 Fibertec, Inc. All Rights Reserved 35 Scotland Boulevard Bridgewater, MA 02324  Phone 508.697.5100 Fax 506.697.7140