Fibertec’s wollastonite products come in powder and fibrous grades. Powder grades tend to be used as fillers in coatings, adhesives, sealants and paints. It is an inert material with an alkaline pH that improves toughness, weather resistance and moisture absorption. Powders, while having some aspect ratio, all tend to be –325 mesh. Fiber grades have a diameter ranging from 5 to 15 microns and aspect ratios from 15 to 20. They are most commonly used as a lower cost, lower performance replacement for milled fibers in composites. They are compatible with all resins and may be surface treated. DESCRIPTION Fibertec wollastonites are acicular (needle-like) mineral products milled to various morphologies and bulk densities. These products can be surface treated to enhance performance in thermoset and thermoplastic resins. PRIMARY USE Fibertec wollastonite is used as functional fillers and reinforcements in composites (thermosets) and compounds (thermoplastics) to increase mechanical properties (tensile, flexural, impact), minimize distortion at elevated temperatures, improve dimensional stability, and provide low moisture absorption. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION – ALL PRODUCTS Notes: 1. To designate difference between surface-modified (sized) and unmodified (unsized), equivalent product grades are followed by “U” for Unsized and “S” for Amino Silane. 2. Average particle diameter is determined by microscopic measurement of 100 particles. For equivalent spherical diameter, please contact Fibertec technical department. 3. Fibertec will develop custom surface treatments and/or morphologies upon request.
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