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Blue Plastic Granules

About Us


FIBERTEC'S  purpose is to serve, with excellence, three constituencies:

First, are foremost, we are committed to serving our customers' needs for functional fillers. We are dedicated to providing value by being a resource for quality products, services and technical support. We are committed to providing these offerings in a timely and cost effective manner.

Next, we are committed to serving our most valuable asset - our employees. We strive to provide secure employment in a safe, healthy workplace with competitive wages and benefits, and opportunity for recognition and advancement. We value teamwork that produces profits and we share those profits with all employees in several ways.

Finally, we are committed to creating shareholder value by maintaining return on investment which assures long term viability and funding to capitalize on new o
pportunities for growth.


Fibertec was founded in 1986, to provide milled fiber reinforcements to the plastics industry. Today the company is the leading global supplier of milled glass fibers and has recently introduced wollastonite, mica and milled mineral wool products.

Presently, the company has a 52,000 square foot facility producing functional fillers for leading compounders and molders in North America, and overseas.


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