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Products & Specification Sheets

FIBERTEC INC. is committed to providing functional filler solutions that enable compounders to keep pace with applications that demand larger, stronger, more durable, light-weight parts with high heat stability and excellent surface appearance. Consider one or a combination of the following fillers for your application:

Milled Glass Fibers: An industry standard filler available in a wide variety of grades having consis
tent fiber diameter and short fiber length that improve part stiffness, dimensional stability, and high flow during compounding.

Wollastonite: An acicular mine
ral consisting of small diameter, short fibers with high aspect ratio that will provide a favorable cost alternative to glass fibers while maintaining physical properties and improving appearance.

Mica: A high purity, platy mineral that will control warpage and shrinkage for large thin parts and improve surface appearance over other platy options.

Milled Mineral Wool: A multi-property functional filler of low bulk density with fibers of small diameter and long length. Less wear on processing equipment and lower part weight, with increased flexural and tensile strength, HDT and dimensional stability are benefits of incorporation.

Technical/Sales Support: Contact Bill Simons
 at Fibertec for application bulletins, samples, or technical assistance.

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